Foreign Bird Federation Meeting - 22nd November, 2009

Foreign Bird Federation Meeting - 22nd November, 2009

Eight delegates representing seven affiliated Societies attended the scheduled Foreign Bird Federation meeting at Wednesbury, West Midlands on 22nd November 2009. In the absence of the chairman, Bob Clarke, the vice-chairman Clive Cotton opened the meeting with a brief report. Sadly, secretary Bryan Reed was also unable to be present due to the hospitalisation of his wife, but sent a short written statement read out on his behalf by Nigel Hewston, who also agreed to take the minutes. Treasurer Dennis Webster reported that overall the Society was in a reasonably good financial position. In this report he had split the accounts into separate sheets for the income and expenditure due to running the Society, and that relating to income and costs associated with the important publication "The FBF Register of Birds Bred in the UK Under Controlled Conditions", the 2005-08 edition of which is to be published very shortly. Ideas for raising additional income were also discussed.

A major item on the agenda concerned actions taken by the chairman in October, in which he had written to two of the FBF's delegates, David Paine and Dennis Webster, removing them from the list of FBF delegates to the NCA. The vice chairman was also removed from the approved list. Because of the sensitivity of this issue, Ernie Gallimore kindly agreed to take the chair for this item. A letter from Steve Nesbitt formally resigning as a delegate to the FBF and as the Society's publicity officer as a result of the actions taken by the chairman was read out, as was a critical letter from another affiliated Society. Sadly, Steve's decision to resign also impacts the NCA, where he has had to stand down as CBS Officer, a post in which he was beginning to have a real impact. After much discussion, it was unanimously agreed that the chairman had exceeded his authority in removing delegates from the pool of FBF delegates to attend NCA meetings, and that the full pool as agreed at the 2009 AGM would stand.

Some FBF affiliated Societies feel that there has been a lack of communication from the FBF in recent months. To help Bryan Reed during his wife's illness, it was agreed that Dennis Webster would undertake the job of communicating with the affiliated Societies until the 2010 AGM, which will be held on March 14th 2010.


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